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Few thoughts on JavaScript

Why did I choose JavaScript as my first language? To answer that first question first I will need to embark on a little rant on how and why did I decide to learn coding. Roughly three years ago I was working as PC repair guy and got a tech support job at the end of 2014, after getting a few Microsoft certificates (MCP, MCSA, MCITP). At that time I started thinking about learning to code in my spare time. I tried learning Java but it left me confused and feeling a bit dumb to be honest, so I gave it up for a time.  After a longer pause I started playing with HTML and CSS at the end of 2016 and found them really easy, after all those two are not real programming languages. After some research I decide to give JavaScript a try. What I liked immediately about it is the fact that you can get instant visualization of what you're learning, all you need is a modern web browser it's easy to try stuff out in the browser console. In despite all quirks that JavaScript has I