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What can software testers put in their portfolio website?

I recently came across a forum topic about a QA portfolio and what it should look like. Since i t is a bit more demanding for us testers than it is for designers and developers, to have presentable work for our portfolios. They just put work samples of apps they designed and developed, and for us testers we need to get a bit more creative: If you have your own blog or write articles for others you can showcase those on your portfolio Any public speaking activities you should display as well, such as meetups, conferences, workshops, etc. Also, if you are a volunteer or a member of any testing communities I’d show that too. If you know automation or are learning it, you can include links for GitHub repositories with your automation code - just try to add a bit of variation, do some UI, and some API automation, and play around with different frameworks to demonstrate that you are a keen learner. You can get even more original and add samples of how you perform regular QA tasks, a sample