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Importance of Command Line Basics

Recently I had to work with a client who was a Mac user and I'm a Windows type of a bloke.  I accessed the client's machine over remote desktop, for a practical tutoring lesson on how to setup and use build tools. It took me by surprise, a bit, when I saw that he was using Mac OS X I though I might embarrass myself , but then I remembered that real ninjas don't panic so I just opened up the terminal, instead of poking around the file explorer (File Finder I believe it's called on Mac). After that it was mostly smooth sailing. I've been using Unix commands via  Git Bash on Windows for a quite a while and it sure has paid off.  There are plenty of operating systems out there and each has their own unique Graphical User Interface and it's hard to know your way around all of them. One of the advantages of knowing the command line is that is it's an universal tool, especially Unix commands, same command will work on both Linux and Mac. Unix command line c