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How to solve seemingly too difficult tasks?

Recently I applied for an internship in a pretty cool company and they gave me a task.  I was tasked with building a simplified Twitter clone, without registration and a login. I learned a lot from it but it think the most important lesson is when faced with a challenge that seems to difficult is to break it into small problems and solve those small tasks one by one. First thing that came to my mind was that there was no way I can do any of this! I was required to use either MERN MEAN  stack for the mini app. I was in a bit of a dilemma on choosing  between React/Flux and AngularJS. I went with AngularJS since I took a few Angular tutorials before and haven't played around with React yet. For the entire first day I just felt stuck and stupid so I didn't get any work done... The next day I finally snapped out of it and started with some pseudo code. I started with basic HTML layout and some basic CSS styling. The next road block was when I tried to make