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Experimenting with OctoberCMS

Sometimes when you use a certain technology a lot and it becomes a part of your regular routine, it can lose some of it's appeal for a while. I've been using WordPress a lot in the past few months and I realized that I need to have short break from it and to try out something new, something different. So since it's October I figured it would be fitting to try out the OctoberCMS! The installation itself is pretty similar to WordPress famous 5 minute install process, there are two options: via installer (which is easier) and by cloning the official repository. Before installing you should check if you meet the minimum system requirements:  PHP version 7.0 or higher PDO PHP Extension cURL PHP Extension OpenSSL PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Library ZipArchive PHP Library GD PHP Library There were two oddities that I noticed:  even thought it's made using Laravel OctoberCMS uses Twig as it's template engine instead of Blade and the second thing was the