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Implementing Change - MoT Bloggers Club August 2021

Change is always hard. Humans are creatures of habit, we feel comfortable and safe when we are operating within our established (predictable) patterns. That is why people resist changes, even the ones that are good for them! Getting someone to accept that a change is needed can be tricky, it will generally involve analyzing the situations and doing some persuading. If you can convince others that a certain change will bring them a certain kind of tangible benefit, people will be more open to accepting it. So let's see how would that look in terms of software testing!  As testers we often are arguing for more resources for testing, more time, trying to convince the management to give us the blessing to do more automation, to try out new approaches to testing, and to implement improvements to our testing process. So let's say we propose to change the testing process in our company, how would we go about implementing those changes? Assess the Situation First of all, get to know th