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Importance of Writing Good Proposals on Upwork

Recently I needed a bit of help to finish a freelance project withing a tight deadline so I decided to outsource a part of work.  I've been using Upwork in the past few months as a freelancer, but outsourcing some work gave me a valuable insights on how the whole things appears from a client's perspective. I need a few WordPress pages completed,  as I do freelancing  myself I know how frustrating it can be when a job has unclear or misleading requirements. So I made sure that job requirements are short as possible, concise and easy to understand. Despite all that more than half of the proposals I received contained questions that would not have been necessary if the applicant had read the job description.  That being said it was obvious that most freelancers that applied were just using templates for applying as most of the cover letters looked very similar. I used to make this mistake when I first started freelancing and I know with certainty that when clients sp