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Top Three Essential Skills for Testers - MoT Bloggers Club April 2021

This blog post is inspired by Ministry of Testing Bloggers Club  topic idea for April 2021, the goal of the post is to describe only three skills which are important for testers and explain why! For me personally, by reading blogs from different authors, I noticed that there is always something new and unique to everyone's perspective - even when people are covering the same topic! Aside from broadening your horizons it is also a good way of learning (you do get a certain level of repetition) and benefit from viewing things from another angle, which is always a good source of thinking material! So without further ado, I will list my top three skills bellow. 1. Communication I often list this one as skill number one whenever someone asks me what to I think about the most important skill for a tester. But why? Communicating effectively is important for almost any role in IT, but, for a tester it is a must, as a tester may be often viewed as the harbinger of bad news so it is vital fo