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Development and Testing Podcast Recommendations

Podcast -  the "radio" of modern times is very popular these days, especially among the IT folk. The thing I like about podcasts is that they offer information, entertainment, and food for thought. Listening to a podcast while taking a leisurely stroll, a ride on the bicycle, or sitting on the bus while going to work, is a fun way to spend your time, and it's productive as well.  Below I shall list a few podcasts that I've found particularly useful. Since I have listened to a whole bunch of podcasts in the past few years, I will try to limit myself to only the top favourite ones.  As there's no time as the present, let's get started! Syntax This is, truth be told one of my favourite podcasts. It's got two hosts: Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski , both of them are veteran web developers and online course creators. The podcast is mostly, but not exclusively, focused on front-end web developments, with a notable accent on JavaScript, but they do talk ab