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Fun with bugs! - MoT Bloggers Club May 2021

 The MoT's Bloggers Club always gives me good inspiration for blogging topics. This one is about bugs! A few different "fun" bug-related scenarios come to mind, so I'll jump strait to the point! The Environmental "Bug" This is kind of a false positive bug - it is a bug that is not a bug, per se. We all probably seen something like this, a feature that works in Test but not in the Acceptance environment, for example or if our regression tests suddenly start failing, but there were no code changes introduced to the system under test - rather there was a change in the infrastructure causing our tests to fail. These issues can be very frustrating and hard to pinpoint. The best way to avoid them is to avoid secrecy and to be fully transparent since any change, no matter how innocent may seem can cause unexpected complication in a large complex system. Bug Ping Pong Now this is not the case where some Stakeholder decides that the reported defect is not important e