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Udemy Course Review

Angular 4 Front To Back Recently I completed the  Angular 4 Front To Back Udemy course, thought by Brad Traversy.  I enrolled in the course about 2-3 months ago, but I only recently got into it seriously, as I wanted to complete it before jumping to React. The course is almost nine hours long, broken into 10 distinct sections, with a total of 68 lessons.  The first 7 sections cover intro and basic concepts, while the last 3 sections involve implementing what you've learned in two projects. Sections are labeled as follows: Section: 1   Introduction Section: 2 Setup & File Structure Section: 3 Diving Into Components Section: 4 Template Syntax Section: 5 Events & Forms Section: 6 Services & HTTP Section: 7 Angular Router Section: 8 FAQ App Project Section: 9 Client Panel Project - Part 1 Section: 10   Client Panel Project - Part 2 First thing that I liked about the course is th