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Choosing a new framework or library

I've been thinking, reading and asking around a lot about this lately; how to chose which framework or library to learn when there are so many of them? This is especially the case in JavaScript community, where new technologies are popping up all over the place! So stay tuned! Disclaimer: I won't this is just a meme. So without further ado, here is a small check list I came up with: Pragmatical/capitalistic reasons: You may find yourself in position that you are a job that requires you to use an old "outdated" library, like jQuery. In this case, obviously, learning old tech will not be a waste of time, jQuery being perhaps the most apparent example, due to the fact the it is still used a lot, although slowly declining since lot of problems that it once solved can be done "natively" with vanilla JavaScript. That being said, since companies are pretty slow to adopt new tech (business avoid experimenting, they wan't stabil