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Representing the OpenWeb Meetup

Recently I've had the opportunity to be a co-host and a speaker at the Sarajevo  OpenWeb Meetup , which I have been a member for quite a while now. Public speaking is not something I've done many times so this was a valuable experience for me.  Le me getting ready to preach After announcing the meetup and the others presenters I left my presentation for the end, because I'm incredibly polite, just like that. I spoke about my experiences while doing the #100DayOfCode challenge, about the challenge itself, what I've figured while doing it (about 240+ days of coding now) and about the mistakes I've made along the way and what I've learned from those mistakes. Das nerds  "Memes make a presentation interesting" - Aristotle More memes. And even more memes... I want to thank my home boy Adnan Kicin for the opportunity. 😊 So, if you are in Sarajevo come and join us , every last Tuesday in the month.  Thanks for readin