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Gymnasium Courses

I thought I'd share a good learning (Gymnasium) resource I've been using lately. There are full courses and Gym Shorts -  mini courses. Recently I took a few of these to refresh my knowledge. They got longer courses and for those you get a certificate of completion after passing the final exam. Gymnasium certificates are verified by Accredible . All of the courses are completely free. I'm not affiliated with Gymnasium in any way, but I have taken a lot of their courses and learned a lot along the way.  Full courses  are between 3-6 hours long and  Gym Shorts  are one hours long.  Longer courses have quizzes at the end of sections and an exam at the end, there are 2 exam attempts allowed, 20 exam questions, the passing score is 85% and you get a certificate at the end. Recently they added exams for Gym Shorts courses as well. Those have a passing score of 80%, also 2 exam attempts, 10 questions and once you pass the exam you get a nice badge . Also you can share t