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Web Development Trends Predictions - 2018

Here is a list of web development trends I've noticed that will, in my opinion be significant in 2018. It is in no way written in stone and it's based on my opinions and observations. Progressive Web Apps Due to increased usage of mobile devices PWAs will most likely become more and more popular in 2018. Reasons? They can function in offline mode, providing users with a native app feel and better UX in general. Also users can make shortcuts for PWAs just like they would with native apps. Flash being replaced with HTML Due to problems with compatibility on mobile devices, Flash is slowly fading away. Adobe plans to end support for Flash by 2020. HTML5 video and HTML5 games are the logical replacement.  Rise of Laravel Laravel is the most popular open-source PHP web framework right now. It provides a way for making complex back-ends and dynamic websites. The latest stable version is Laravel 5.5, released in July 2017. Laravel has a large, helpf