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My First Talk at the Free Code Camp Campsite

Recently I gave my first speech at meetup for a local Free Code Camp group here in Academy 387 in  Sarajevo.  I talked about things that worked for me in getting started with freelancing on Upwork.  Free Code Camp - Sarajevo It was an interesting experience for me - doing something for the first time usually is. Originally I prepared a presentation that had 15-16 slides and I anticipated that if I talk about a minute for each slide that whole speech would be somewhere between 15 to 20 minutes long.  Presentation by Hadžiavdić Sakib on Functional Programming I asked Sakib aka Sake to go first with his presentation because I was just a bit nervous since it was my first meetup talk. He gave a really interesting overview on functional programming paradigm, with focus on Scala. Le me starting my talk on How to Get Started on Upwork All the anxiety went away as soon as I started presenting, the talk lasted a bit longer then I expected, as I kept talking and talking. Aft