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My Biggest Testing Regret - MoT Bloggers Club June 2021

This is another blog post inspired by  Bloggers Club June 2021 - if you are a tester (or interested in testing) be sure to check out the Ministry of Testing, it's wonderful community of smart and helpful people and their forum (called the Club) is great place to get help, get inspired and to discus stuff to stimulate those little grey cells. This month's topic idea appealed to me straight away. I try not to have regrets, per say, but there I decisions from the past that, from today's perspective, I would have made differently. If I could, pretty much only thing I would have done differently is that I would have left support sooner (I worked in tech support for about two and a half years) and gotten into testing sooner. I spent a lot of time trying to find myself, I was learning WordPress and doing freelance consulting, learning Angular, React, PHP, Java, .NET/C# and other development technologies, mostly (but not exclusively) front-end oriented. I recently  blogged about