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3 Things That Have Helped Me in My Testing Career - MoT Bloggers Club June 2022

Here are the three things that have helped my testing career: Building good relations with people I work with - from personal experience, is what has helped me the most in my career. People remember if they enjoyed having you as their team member and working alongside you. I always advocate that you should be polite and considerate towards everyone you work with, and never burn bridges behind you, as you never know when a previous co-worker can be your future co-worker as well, when you change companies. I got quite a few referrals from previous co-workers when they moved to new companies, and I recommended people who I worked with, so it goes both ways! Learning Continuously - about 5-6 years ago I tried hard to make a habit of trying my best to learn something new (almost) every day, the reason for this is because I'm lazy, and on the other hand people say consistency is the key to learn new things. If you spend 30 minutes daily learning test automation, in a year you will know