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First day on a team - MoT Bloggers Club July 2021

Change can seem difficult and scary, first day on a new job will always impact you emotionally, to a certain extent - even if you changed many jobs before. In this blog post I will share a few tips to help you make the transition easier and how to beat the fear of the unknown!  Keep Your Ego in Check Important thing is to be humble and kind, and leaving a good first impression (of course also make sure that the good first impression is also the lasting impression) as this will affect how people on your team perceive you. Don't be a cocky show-off, be polite and nice to everyone. Naturally this does not mean that you should put up with any abuse. Meet Everyone  Taking time to meet your new teammates is very important, and not just meeting them, getting to know them as individuals. People who are already working at your new workplace will be a lot more busy than you are so they might not initiate these kind of things, instead, you should be the one inviting people to lunch to get to