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The Three Amigos - What's up With That?

The Three Amigos is a software developer approach that is often used in Agile environments. It a highly collaborative development strategy. It places a large emphasis on communication. Perhaps it's biggest selling point is the fact that different experts are working in union, complimenting each others unique skills, thus being able to gain a broader perspective on things. This approach helps out to get clear understanding of the requirements and agree on the "Definition of Done" - what exactly is need to put the story in the "Done" status. Roles Involved in the Three Amigos We need the following roles in order to utilize this development strategy: BA  - the Business Analyst would help ensure that team understands what is expected from the user stories, so the team realizes what business value would the customer receive. In places where there is no BA, the PO (Product Owner) will take place of this amigo. Dev  - the developer can help in understanding the require