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OpenWeb Sarajevo Meetup - AWS and Laravel

Today's meetup had two cool presentations! The first one was by Adnan Rahic, co-founder of Bookvar learning platform and a teach at Academy 387  .  Adnan talked about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Serveless framework , presentation was titled:  " AWS Serverless Architecture: Explain it to me like I'm five ".  In his talk he pointed out pros and cons of AWS technology, followed by a presentation  on how to use Lambda with Node and Docker , by using AWS web GUI and from the command line, by using the Serverless CLI from the npm package .  Overall a very insightful presentation which (to me, at least) demystified a lot of AWS related terminology. The second presentation was by Sanjin Osmanbasic from NSoft and it was about the PHP Laravel framework, titled:  "Laravel Artistry".   Sanjin talked about when and why you would use Laravel, for what type of project and what the framework offers. The talk was followed by a demo using Composer and