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Working for an Enterprise vs SaaS vs Freelancing

Various types of work attract different kinds of people, some of us like a dynamic work atmosphere, while others function best if things are more predictable and stable. Working for a big enterprise client is a lot different compared to dealing with clients directly while freelancing or working for a SaaS (Software as a service) in which case the company is it's own "client". I've worked in all three mentioned scenarios - currently, I'm working on a big enterprise project, in the past I've worked for several years for a company that was selling its own product and done some freelancing for a couple of years, as well. Bellow I will strive to list the advantages and disadvantages of all three types of jobs, in hope that this may prove useful for people looking for their first IT job. With memes, as always. So let's get started! Working for a SaaS Company Working for a SaaS, Software as a Service company, you usually won't have any interaction wit