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I've been using Gulp as a task runner casually on a couple of projects, I wouldn't call my self an expert on it (or an expert in any other technology - yet) but I figured out how to use it to increase my productivity and automate the repetitive tasks, like code minification, image compression etc.  That being sad, I never really used Grunt.js until very recently, I had a client who got a template which had grunt files for "running" the boring tasks, I told the client that I haven't used Grunt yet, but that I did have some experience with another task runner tool -Gulp.  So basically I just looked up a few tutorials and the official Grunt documentation and was able to set it up and get it working on the client's machine over a remote desktop connection. The takeaway here, at least for me, was that the tool you are using doesn't matter as much, as long as you know one type of certain tool, using another one which does something simil