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Using Project Management for Freelancing

I use project management software at almost every day in my regular job as a QA tester. I use Wrike to report issues so developers can fix them and once they do I do a re-test to make sure all is in order. Recently I got an idea to try using project management for my own freelance projects, I decided to go with Asana  and use it for a website I'm making for a client.  I got a list of thing clients want's to change for the review and I made a few task for myself to keep me accountable. At first it felt a little strange looking at things from a different perspective. I always get this nerdy satisfactory feeling whenever a bug is fixed or when a new feature is successfully implemented.  But when all is said and done, being able to see thing from both tester and developers perspective grants you more understanding for both roles. Also using project management is not a hard skill to learn but it is important.  Closing my first self-assigned task felt really