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Useful Web Development YouTube Channels

An alphabetical list of the web development YouTube channels I follow: Aaron in Beta :  A vlog styled channel about a guy who got hired as a junior after a bootcamp: Chris Hawkes : Chris talks about all sorts of topics, including Python, Django, React etc. Chris Sean Vlog about a fellow who got hired as a junior after 3 month of learning on TeamTreehouse : Clever Programmer Channel with coding tutorials, focused on Python. Coding Tutorials 360 Mostly coding related live streams, also he teaches he girlfriend how to code an streams it, April learns to code in 100 days: CodingPhase Lots of beginner friendly tutorials, advice and motivational videos. Personally my favorite channel: David Connelly This old geezer is awesome, a seasoned web developer with a great sense of humor. Derek Banas Channel with coding tutorials based on the viewers request, with tons of tutorials.  DevTips A channel about web