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TestRigor - Review

Full honest disclaimer: I haven’t used many no-code automation tools, and the ones I’ve used have always been just out of curiosity, and I never went deep into any of those tools until now. I’m a QA who’s mainly focused on working with coded test automation frameworks and never had much time to look into such tools. So when the folks from testRigor approached me with a question if I would like to try out their tool, I was curious although a bit skeptical.   While in the past I disregarded any no-code automation tools, as I didn’t have a need for them, in more recent years I’ve become more open to the idea of giving such tools a try. There is a time and place for everything, and coding a complete automation framework can be a waste of resources - unless you produce it exceptionally specific in terms of testing. Hence, you need to utilize all the customization that is available to you. One of the reasons I changed my mind about tools like this one, was the fact that a couple of people in