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Coming Back to a Programming Language After a Long Hiatus

I had a rather bumpy relationship with Java, up to now I re-started learning Java three times - gave up in my first two attempts, due to various reasons and the third time is the charm, as they say! Learning to code is tough, it can take a long time and can can be frustrating at times, especially at the very early stages - you will be tempted to give up it. The First (Unsuccessful) Attempt The first time I tried to learn it was in 2014, I watched a few online tutorials from some university professor (I can't recall the name) and at first, on the theoretical side it seemed okay, even though, at the time I had no programming experience at all. But when the coding part started I felt so lost and confused like never before, I had honestly thought that something was wrong with my brain then. Back then (being a smart-ass) I thought I could learn coding with little effort since it was generally always easy for me to pick up new things. I had no idea at the time that learning to code