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10 Tips for Designing Better Test Cases

For most testers, designing, executing, and maintaining test cases are regular activities, this is especially true for new testers and those in the early stages of their career. This post is inspired by some documentation I worked on, in an effort to standardize the testing process in one of my previous jobs. Bear in mind that in each company the approach to handling test cases can differ significantly, old-school (Waterfall-like) enterprises might favor very long and detailed test cases, where each step required to execute the test cases is described in great detail, to more Agile environment where testing is moving at a faster pace, so test cases in Agile are shorter and more concise. There is a great course at the MoT on this topic called  Optimising Manual Test Scripts For An Agile Environment , by Match Archer, the course is not too long and it's full of useful info, I'd highly recommend it. There is also a third alternative - no test cases at all! This has been a trend in