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Working from Home - Tips for Remote Work

The recent situation caused by the Corona virus has resulted in lot of folks who were used to working in the office had to start working remotely from home. As someone who's been working remotely for about five or so years, and in all due humility become quite efficient while working from home, I figured to share a few tips that did the trick for me in hope that those might prove helpful to others as well. Here's how you can make working from home easier and be more productive: Take it seriously - working remote should not mean slacking off, you if your working while wearing pajamas and comfy furry slippers doesn't mean you should be unprofessional about it. If possible invest in your home office - chances are you might be working remote for a while, why not make it comfortable, borrowing a change from the diner table might do the job every once in a while, but you should consider getting an ergonomic chair as you'll be using it a lot. Also,