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Tips for Mentoring Others

In this post, I plan to share a few tough on mentoring others.   I may not be the most experience of all IT people, I got around six years of total experience, at the time of this writing in 2020, however, very often at various job roles, I have been tasked with mentoring other team members. It seems like most people tend to avoid the extra responsibility that being a mentor brings - just think about it: you have your own daily job duties and on top of that you get an additional burden of having to make somebody become a productive team member, often going from zero to hero. When you got patience and friendly personality people tend to volunteer you to be a mentor for new team members. At first, I somewhat vexed by this - why do I always have to be the one responsible for onboarding the newbies and holding their hand? After a little while, I realized, that while mentoring can be cumbersome and demanding it's also a very valuable experience - even though this sounds like a complete