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#100DaysOfCode - Round One

I just completed the round one of the #100DaysOfCode challenge!  Reason I decided to start the challenge was that I was coding practically every day so I figured that I might as well make a log about it. I covered a lot of topics and learned a ton of useful stuff, I've also met a lot of interesting people, also undertaking the challenge. Community driven challenges is that it gives you a sens of obligation to commit and complete the challenge, also you can get feedback, inspiration and advice when you get stuck. I'll be starting with round two tomorrow! If you are interested, you can get started with the challenge on the  official site .  Here's the log for first 100 days, if anyone is interested:  ### R1D1 Started the challenge. ### R1D2 Started working on website for a friend. ### R1D3 Added content to the site and tested it on GitHub pages. ### R1D4 Watched a few CSS tutorials. ### R1D5 Worked on Free Code Camp weather app. #