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DevOps and Software Testing

What is DevOps and Why do we Deed it? The current technological and economical state of the world makes DevOps pretty much inevitable and quite a necessity. The traditional software development approaches do not allow the business to have as much flexibility (as the DevOps philosophy does) and more importantly, companies that implement DevOps practices can be a step ahead of their competition and also have the ability to make counter-moves against their competitors more rapidly, when required. For example, let's say your competitor releases a very compelling feature on their web app, and they get a lot of traction and positive feedback from their customers - resulting in more sales, in order to retain your existing user base and to attract new customers, you would need to respond quickly to this, develop a similar feature of your own, in the shortest time-frame possible, while at the same time, making sure that the new feature goes in and out of your pipeline as quickly as is can b