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JS Sarajevo meetup

CSS Grid and Meteor Kitchen Fifth  JS Sarajevo meetup had two presentation, first one was by Amer Hidanović from Mistral  titled: "CSS Grid - The bootstrap killer?".  Second presentation was by Tarik Mehić, from Ant Colony  presentation was about Meteor Kitchen - "Fast prototyping using Meteor Kitchen". Amer talked about problems with CSS that Grid tries to solve followed by a practical presentation. Also he mentioned some website that are already using CSS in production, you can find few of them here.  Second presentation, by  Tarik how to quickly make web app prototypes by using Meteor Kitchen . Tarik talked about using Kitchen to make app quickly, mostly for startups, also followed by a demonstration how to get start with it and how to setup the JSON file to get the desired app. Overall a very nice meetup, lots of nerdy talks and lots pizza ❤