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How to Start a Career in Testing?

Lately, I've been seeing an increased interest in testing, so I figured I ought to share a few tips that help me get my foot into the door and get that first junior tester/QA role. I'll try to keep it short and concise, as much as I can.  Because that's why. I first got into IT by getting a few certifications from Microsoft (I'll expand on this later), fixing PC and doing technical support shortly after that. My high school degree and college I was going to, at the time, were completely unrelated to IT - I finished art high school and I was studying history in college. I got my first QA role in a company where I had already spent roughly two and a half years working as a technical support agent, answering chats and emails, phone calls, helping out the customers over remote desktops, like TeamViewer - the usual support gig. The QA role I did at the time was strictly manual, not very demanding but I did have a nice time doing it, I had a great team, learned a f