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The "Evil" Microsoft buys GitHub!

This isn't really hot news anymore but I find it interesting with how much panic lot of people responded to this. Google and Facebook have done a lot of not so nice things but they don't get nearly as much as hate as Microsoft does. And I know some hipsters  snowflakes might get their feelings hurt, but when speaking of evil greedy corporations it would be unfair not to mention Apple! In my opinion Microsoft under Satya Nadella is no longer the same company as it was under Steve Ballmer.  It's hard to forger that Ballmer referred to Linux as "cancer" and considered open source community to be a bunch of thieves and communist...  But in the past few years, under the CEO Microsoft has changed its view on Open Source, they have released their version of FreeBSD on Azure, made .NET Core available for cross platform development, they joined the Linux Foundation, released one of the most popular open source editor - VS Code and made their own Linux