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Don't be Afraid of Job Requirements!

This is going to be a short post, as I just wanted to explain why you should not be intimidated by the official job requirements. I often notice that a lot of junior people complain about job postings, saying that job reequipments are too strict and that the list of required tools/technologies is too long. It is true that lot of jobs have inaccurate descriptions, as sometimes they are written by non-technical people and there can be a lot of copy/pasting involved, to include hot an trendy technologies, which my not even be used by the company that is posting the job! Another reason is filtering candidates by using a lot of "intimidating" buzzwords, this way company scare of many enter level applicants as they will give up without even trying. But let us look at this from a different angle. I have witnessed first hand that very often you will actually be working with just a small portion of tools mentioned in the official job posting. Many people I have talked to also confirme