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Why I Almost Gave up on Software Testing as a Career

We often hear that everything is a matter of perspective and in light of that notion I have to admit that there was a time in my career when I wanted to give up on testing. Due to having seen testing in a wrong (and rather shallow) light, I pondered hard about leaving it for good for a career in web development. So, let us get into the meat of things. Now, when I talk to people I offer hear them describing me as someone who enjoys testing and is genuinely passionate about software quality. So how was it that I found myself in a situation where I wanted to quit being a tester if I love it so much? It was many years ago, and while I can't disclose exact details, I can talk about it in general terms. This blog post is in part inspired by my personal experience and also by observations I made while talking to lot of testers trough the time - and most of them relatively similar experiences to share, from some point at their career. It is my hope that by discussing things such as this on