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I was my own worst client...

It's been over six months since I decided to make my own website and this time (for a change) I actually intent to finish and deploy it! There were times where it felt like the labor of Sisyphus, I'd try one look, decide that it wasn't "good enough" and then scrape the whole thing and start all over from scratch! But, I figured out if I tried to make it "perfect" I would never finish my portfolio and it doesn't have to be perfect, after all I'm a junior with a long learning journey ahead of me! This time I decided to make the "final" version of my portfolio using React and since I'm more of a developer then a designer, I went with a pre-built theme to get started.  I chopped it up into React components and modified the theme's styles heavily.  Breaking down the site into several smaller components, for me at least, makes it easier to work on and maintain the code. I'm still tweaking it, I'll probably change the