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A Few Thoughts of Oracles & Heuristics & Mnemonics - MoT Bloggers Club November 2021

Test oracles and heuristics can be considered as "meta" aspects in software testing, often we can be in a position where we are using them without being aware of the "official" definitions. In short, an oracle is a way of deciding whether our test has passed or failed - most commonly express by using terms such AR/ER, Actual Result, and Expected Result.  Heuristics can be viewed as a rule of a thumb, a guiding principle, the "official" description goes like this:  " A heuristic, or heuristic technique, is any approach to problem-solving or self-discovery that employs a practical method that is not guaranteed to be optimal, perfect, or rational, but is nevertheless sufficient for reaching an immediate, short-term goal or approximation. " Heuristics can be applied to various testing activities, but are especially useful in exploratory testing, as they are broad and generic enough to be applicable in a variety of different situations.  And lastly, M