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Static Site Generators

So what is a Static Site Generator (SSG)? It something in between a Content Management System (CMS) and the old fashioned static site, which you would code in your text editor.  You generate a static website using raw data (Markdown, for example) and templates. SSG will have a build process which will generate all the files and folders for your site. There advantages and a few downsides to this. Advantages of using a SSG: Performance:  static sites are blazing fast, much faster then sites using a CMS Hardly any Dependencies:  they can be hosted anywhere with minimal configuration Security: since there is no back-end potential vulnerabilities are minimal Version Control:  easily integrated with version control and unit testing Reliability:   with no database involved site is likely to be more stable  Disadvantages of using a SSG: No Back-end : for example, if you need a shopping cart you would need an 3rd party solution Large Sites : Managing a very large site with