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How to deploy a React app to Firebase

Here is how you can easily deploy your React app to Firebase. In my example I used the  create-react-app  to get started, I'm going to assume that you are done with developing your react app and that you ran the  npm run build  command and that Webpack had bundle your development app into a optimized production build. That is actually what gets deploy - the bundled static resources, typically located in the  build  folder. If you don't have one, you will need to register for a Firebase account, it's free. After registering just go the the Console and Add a new project, we will reference this project in Firebase CLI .   Now just install Firebase tools by running:  npm install -g firebase-tools  this will install it globally so you can access it easily from your terminal in the future.   Second, run the:  firebase login  command which will open up the login page in your browser prompting you to login into your Firebase account Third run:  firebase init