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New elements in HTML 5.2 spec

The new W3C recommendation  interesting new elements The <dialog> element This new element allows implementing modals easier then ever, here's a demo: To find if your browser version supports it check: here. Other novelties are: Payment Request API from iFrames Sizes for Apple Icons Multiple <main> elements are now supported Placing styles in the <body> <legend> tag for captions can be used inside <fieldset There are few other new things, you can look it up in more details here .

100 Days of Code

I've decided to start 2018 with 100 days of code challenge, since I code practically every day, I thought to myself - why not! The rules are to code at least one hour per day (no problem, I spend usually about 4 hours or more) for 100 days and to #100DaysOfCode hashtag. Here is my fork of the official  repository . More progress updates coming soon! Ta-ta!