Web Development Learning Resources - part 1

Free and/or mostly free resources

Here I will list and describe some of the study resources I've been using to learn coding. 

I began learning web development in January 2017 so I will strive to keep the list in chronological order, along with brief (hopefully useful) descriptions.

- It has an interesting concept and a pretty big and helpful community. The official philosophy is that everyone there is both a student and a teacher.  As the name says it's completely free, but you can donate if you like, purchase stickers to show support and so on.  There are certificates you can get, real projects for non-profits.

-What I didn't like is that I was unable to retain what I've learner and that the cool projects are a lot latter on. For example the HTML and CSS portion jumped to Bootstrap too soon it left me with a false impression that CSS is really hard. When I purchased a web development course on Udemy I realized that there is no reason to be afraid of CSS and that experienced developers who always emphasize that you should learn vanilla CSS before jumping onto a framework, such as Bootstrap.

To sum things up; I plan to complete it and get the Front-End cert, hopefully Back-end cert as well, but it's not my primary learning resource as I'm taking it slowly. I learn better by doing, going trough lessons is something I do mainly to review what I've learner.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! 


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