Gymnasium Courses

I thought I'd share a good learning (Gymnasium) resource I've been using lately. There are full courses and Gym Shorts -  mini courses. Recently I took a few of these to refresh my knowledge. They got longer courses and for those you get a certificate of completion after passing the final exam. Gymnasium certificates are verified by Accredible. All of the courses are completely free. I'm not affiliated with Gymnasium in any way, but I have taken a lot of their courses and learned a lot along the way. Full courses are between 3-6 hours long and Gym Shorts are one hours long. 

Longer courses have quizzes at the end of sections and an exam at the end, there are 2 exam attempts allowed, 20 exam questions, the passing score is 85% and you get a certificate at the end. Recently they added exams for Gym Shorts courses as well. Those have a passing score of 80%, also 2 exam attempts, 10 questions and once you pass the exam you get a nice badge. Also you can share these certificates and badges on your LinkedIn or Stack-overflow profile, which is pretty cool. 

Special shootout goes to Michael Kornblum, web development instructor from Mentorship Mondays online meetup, for recommending the Gymnasium courses to me. You can find more about Mentorship Mondays in the RTC community gitter chatroom. 

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by!


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