200 Days of Code!

So, I just completed the second round of  #100DaysOfCode challenge, making it 200 days of code! In the second round I mostly focused at getting better with core PHP, Laravel and WordPress, also I've done some freelance work as well, most related to PHP/WordPress stuff.  Last year, when I didn't know about this challenge and I was mostly coding along with tutorials, I had only 19 GitHub contributions, in 2018, mainly because of this challenge I had over 800 contributions!

While doing the 100 Days of Code, I came across a lot of interesting people, talked a few friends into starting the challenge as well. From my perspective, when starting the challenge it's a smart idea to pick a technology and focus on it. I made a mistake in the first round by jumping from this framework to that library. So, I rectified my mistake in the second round and focused almost exclusively on learn PHP, getting to know Laravel MVC and diving deeper into making custom WordPress themes.

I'd encourage anyone who's learning programming to give this challenge a try, you will meet a large and supportive community, finding that psychological relief by seeing that many people go through the same struggles learning to code as you do! Another reason is that it will give you a sense of responsibility, "forcing" you to commit and to be consistent!

Good luck and keep coding!


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