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Podcast -  the "radio" of modern times is very popular these days, especially among the IT folk. The thing I like about podcasts is that they offer information, entertainment, and food for thought. Listening to a podcast while taking a leisurely stroll, a ride on the bicycle, or sitting on the bus while going to work, is a fun way to spend your time, and it's productive as well. 

Below I shall list a few podcasts that I've found particularly useful. Since I have listened to a whole bunch of podcasts in the past few years, I will try to limit myself to only the top favourite ones. As there's no time as the present, let's get started!


This is, truth be told one of my favourite podcasts. It's got two hosts: Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski, both of them are veteran web developers and online course creators. The podcast is mostly, but not exclusively, focused on front-end web developments, with a notable accent on JavaScript, but they do talk about a lot of other tech stacks, web development news, IT tips, and trends. The podcast has often sponsor promotions, but nothing intrusive or irrelevant to the tech world. After the main topic ends, the Sick Picks part of the podcasts starts where the hosts speak briefly of something that picked their interest, be it a home tool, a new piece of hardware, or a hot new NPM package. The podcast ends with the Shameless Plugs section, where Wes and Scott usually make announcements or give shootouts for their new or existing courses - which is also done very tastefully. Overall a hearty recommendation!

AB Testing

While the name implies that this is a podcast about the A/B testing user experience methodology, it is not. It's just the initials of the podcast's hosts: Alan and Brent. There are two, highly entertaining, old geezers, from Microsoft and while their world view might be a bit coloured by that, the podcast is not about promoting Microsoft. There is a lot of talk about testing, modern testing in particular, but what I like about this one the most is the rants, these guys keep dropping verbal gems all the time, which is not surprising - combined they have over a half of century of IT experience. On top of all, they make constant jabs at each other in a very juvenile way, so what's not to like? From time to time they also have occasional guests so that can get interesting as well. If you're into the relaxed type of testing podcast you won't be bored while listening to this one.

Full Stack Radio

This is a podcast by Adam Wathan the founder of the Tailwind  CSS framework. The podcast covers various topics about the software industry, from design, unit testing to system administration as their description says. Very good podcast with interesting guests and lots of intriguing development related discussions.

Coder Radio

A podcast by Jupiter Broadcasting, powered by the Linux Academy,  so there's a bit of advertisement but nothing drastic. Coder Radio is a chill weekly talk show, co-hosted by Michael Dominick and Wes Payne. Their other podcasts are heavily focused on GNU/Linux, BSD, and Open Source in general. The podcast has almost four hundred episodes by now and I've listened only to a bit shy over two hundred, and a enjoyed listening to each and every one of those.

Laracast Snippet

Episodes of this podcast are short in length but are full of valuable content. It's hosted by Jeffrey Way - the guy behind Laracsts, the online learning platform for Laravel which also covers other PHP related, and no related technologies. This podcast newer ceases to amaze me, as it's not strictly about PHP development or event development in general, per se, as the host talks about a broad spectrum of topics that all have something to do with the lives of people in the software industry. All in all, lots of useful tips and experiences from life - a truly refreshing podcast!

The Ministry of Testing Podcast

This is a podcast from a global software testing community, they organize their own meetup and a conference call the TestBash, they have an online learning platform for testers as well. The podcast is organized in a partnership with various members of the software testing community so you can expect to hear a lot of interesting interviews from listening to this podcast. You can find the podcast on their Dojo site.

The Testing Show

This is a sponsored podcast, founded by a company called Qualitest, the podcast covers a wide variety of testing-related topics such as new, discussions, testing tips as similar.

The Evil Tester Show

This podcast is run by a fellow named Alan Richardson, who's a testing veteran with a lot of years under his belt. For me, the biggest benefit of podcasts such as this one is that they stimulate you to think and make you ask the right question. Most episodes are sort of a combination of philosophical discussions about testing and meta tips. If you're more of a YouTube person he talks about the same stuff on his channel as well.


Now this one is a bit different, it's not in English - it's a Bosnian podcast, a pretty new one and it's quite good, besides it's hosted by homeboy Adnan Rahić and Nermin Sehic. Although these two fellas mostly talk about code-related topics, they also cover a lot of other techie and non-tech topics, like meme mentions, hardware gadget reviews, and an occasional guest interview. It's a podcast with a very chill, non-formal atmosphere so if you're into that and you're a Slavic speaker give it a go!

I listen to the podcasts via the Podkicker app, it has a slick UI, it's free and it's noiice!


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