Bloggers Club December 2022 - Biggest wins in 2022 and 2023 Trends

This year has been pretty active for me and there were a few achievements that I'm very happy about. The biggest thing I achieved was the fact that I was able to get my stage fright under more control. I practiced the speeches I delivered at conferences beforehand, and made sure I also recorded myself while rehearsing which to me was the most helpful of all things I've tried. Delivering your practiced speech in front of a mirror can also be a good idea, but a recording allows you to listen and analyze your speech and see what can be improved. This year I spoke at two in-person conferences (long overdue, thanks to Covid) and one online conference, and one in-person meetup.

Here's a detailed round-up of what I was up to, first of all, conferences:

Wrote a few blog articles for nice folks at LambdaTest and the Ministry of Testing:
Also, organized a couple of meetups. Regarding testing trends, I think we will see a lot more code-less and low-code tools maturing and becoming more useful. Data from analytics gathered from real users will become even more important. Blockchain testing will probably become a niche specialization and the demand for such testers will continue to grow. Using AI in testing will continue to become more and more useful, to free up the tester's time and security testing seems to keep growing in importance continually.


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